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CADMUSlab is complimentary blend of solid people with diverse expertise and experience. We appreciate every client and work tirelessly to make the most of every marketing dollar, rupee or what ever in our client's budgets.

We’re not a big agency and we don’t act like one. However, deliver results that often make our clients wonder how we get it done. So, how do we get it done? We combine brand communications strategy, spot-on design and editorial, all things digital, all things print and a dose of PR to deliver big ideas that are certain to engage. We arrive at these ideas by understanding strategic communications: present and emerging media and technology, horizontal industry trends and cultures, vertical audiences within specific industries, and the level of impact our clients’ brands require.

Why Cadmus Lab :
Reason we put cadmuslab as a name of our design firm, is our graphic designer and illustrator is huge fan of smallville tv series, so he was deeply in love with all the characters on it, especially with lead villein role "Lex Luther". Cadmus Lab is a scientific research facility that was once owned by LuthorCorp located just outside downtown Metropolis. Cadmus was just being used by Lex as part of a larger plan. this is the Core Reason why we put that name to our design firm. Crazy huh :)
[accidentally if you are fan smalliville like lishan please visit this link to know more about "Project Cadmus]

Pahan Srachchandra

Web & Mobile APP Developer

Pahan is currently work as a freelance app and web developer, who is graduated in UCSC @ UOC. Mastering on both front-end and back-end developing projects, he currently working on web project in meteor platform.


Gayan Dinusha

Web Designer

Gayan is soulful music fan with amazingly marvelous talent for web & graphic designing, After he done his studies he work for numorous NGOs as a web designer, this creative mind currently work for CEB. Also he love to work as a freelance designer.


Lishan Puwakovita

Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Lishan who involved into graphic scene since over 6 years. He specialized for vector and graphic designs, photography and also web designing.
photography, blogging, food testing are his passion n he loves it a lot.


Chamath Tharanga

Manager Marketing

Chamath is backpacker who love to travel and extremely good at Media Marketing. Soon after he done with his higher studies, He start to begin his journey to success by joining to high recognized marketing firms in the country.


If You Are With CADMUS, Your Online World is Safe With Us

Because we know how much you careing about your business


We specialize in website development, Mobile App Developing, Graphic design, presentations, branding and identity design services, company profile development, corporate identity, logo design, , brochures & more. We can design meaningful company marketing material that will catch the attention of your target market. We can provide complete corporate identity packages including all of your web design, brochures, business cards, handouts, presentations, company profiles, Promotional CD’s and display ads to give you a seamless branding solution for your company.

Web Design & Development

Are you looking to have a stylish new website created? Or are you after a revamp of your old tired website? Perhaps you need more features, such as a blog? We are a fully staffed SriLanka Based Web Design Firm, with a team of friendly web designers & developers.

Mobile App Developing

Mobile is the medium that’s always on, always in the right place and always commanding your audience’s attention. In fact, mobile has the largest population reach of all media.
We Creates Mobile Apps that enhance your Clientele and find a way to do business with them with day to day manner.

Graphics & Illustrations

We do Graphics offers customized, professional visual design solutions for a broad range of printed and web marketing materials. We will plan, develop, and deliver any size project from small one-off logos, business cards, and brochures to comprehensive branding & identity packages.

Total Social Media Solution

Social media marketing programs usually centers creating content that attracts attention, generates online conversations, and encourages readers to share it with their own social networks. The message spreads from user to user and resonates because it is coming from a trusted source, as opposed to the brand or company itself.


Take your time to see what we done back in the day. please not this portfolio section isn't catogorized. So feel free to click and watch.

[this section under construction.]

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    ASHA Marine Services

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    GAGANA Hanthana Linux

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    Mufreak Radio app

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    VR Verite Research

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    Twitter Client

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    TKiOS app

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We mix all detailed things together

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